Come again? I don’t think that’s what they intended…

16 Sep

I know that this is a bit late, but I feel the need to appeal to this a) becasue it was an assignment, so I should so it anyway, and b) it gives me an opportunity to do one of the things I fancy most: criticisizing (read: complaining). 

For many of us, we have been at Purdue an extensive period of time (read: forever).  I’ve had several conundrums occur that make me question what the designer was thinking: doors in Stewart center swinging outwards, roads downtown INSISTING on being one ways every way, even the 5-Points intersection downtown. What I found many moons ago, however, was the pinnacle or mistakes. In this particular case, I find the error to be both obtruse and highly amusing. 

Have you ever walked by Schelman hall on Purdue’s campus, and notice something that was a bit out of place?  For the next line, the professional filter has to come off.

Handicap Accesible Entry?

What. The hell. Is this?!

I can’t decide what baffles me more: the fact that it’s a handicap exit area with stairs or that fact that it leads straight into the bushes. I can’t define any rational reason why this exists.  It doesn’t promote safety, it doesn’t lead anywhere-why is it here? Was this originally supposed to be a window?  Any clarification on the matter would be appreciated, because I can’t figure it out.  It violates building safety measures by not having a handicap-accesible ramp (they’re required to have at least one, even if it’s not listed as ‘handicap accesible), and it violates common sense.  It can’t be used.  Period.



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2 responses to “Come again? I don’t think that’s what they intended…

  1. swoodall

    September 25, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    Adding the arrow below it to point away and emphasize that the handicap-accessible entrance is at the front of the building helps explain the sign’s location, but the bushes do not help this entrance’s cause.

    It’s easy to find such inconsistencies on campus, like any other university. I’m sure they will laugh about this and make some tradition for it years from now… any ideas to help create yet another legacy?

  2. Mihaela

    October 7, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    Vanessa, no, you’re not too late. You can keep posting such examples (good or bad) throughout the semester.


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