Working on vacation….pshaw!

17 Mar

So, I knew that I would have to take at least one or two days out of my overly fabulous New York excursion to actually do some school work, otherwise trying to do everything on Monday might would have been..well, it just wouldn’t have happened. Time wouldn’t permit it, laziness and fear would set in, and I would convinced myself it’s completely ok to wallow in my own patheticness by gaming all night monday night.

I decided to hop in here and see what was going on the most in social media on word press, and here are a few interesting things I found:

  • If you search for anything that just flat out says social media, you will see there is a lot of buzz at current about sock puppets. Several blogs are addressing a very recent article that has been published in regards to U.S. government potentially creating fake identities to spread some form of pro-US propaganda. Sadly, I can’t say that this would *shock me if it were true, but it also wouldn’t shock me if the US wasn’t the only country guilty. The original article can be seen here.
  • Obviously the recent earthquakes of Japan are going to be just as big, seeing as how relief efforts, charities, and general observation of Japan has sprung everywhere since the day of the tragedy. Anyone else just as annoyed by that *wonderful * UCLA student? I mean, I’ve been scolded for being bold (and sometimes out of line due to lack of thinking), but there’s bold…and then there’s just flat out wrong. Anyway, the blog linked above actually starts talking about several of the data that we have been talking about in class, and the effect social media has on distribution of breaking news.
  • Ironically enough, I also came across this blog, which criticizes the need of many to disregard ‘hands-on’ media. There was a blog earlier this semester that I made a comment on addressing this problem, and how (this is opinion, mind you) potentially using both of these in conjunction with one another would spread the most news. I agree that getting breaking news on the net is he fastest. However, even with data supporting how many users are/are not on the internet, you can’t force non-internet users to get internet. They want news too, and they want it in a fashion that is easy to come across. I still love getting my physical Game Informers, and I draw on real paper. I’ve always felt that digitizing everything could have ramifications. In these cases, I know why I avoid the GI online forums-it makes my news clogged, and I spend more time fishing for news than I do actually getting it.
  • This post is about the use of social media with nonprofit organizations. It also pulls up an actual article from ReadWriteWeb discusing web 2.0 and nonprofits, and it’s (assuming) widespread success.
  • The last one is really brief, and actually kind of silly in context. It’s titled “How NOT to use social media” and is a reflection similar to what I conveyed in my first Social Behaviours post. The internet is NOT private! We can see you and when you post things that make you (and your company) look bad. It’s also why I got prodded in my last post.

-Vanessa B!

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One response to “Working on vacation….pshaw!

  1. Mihaela

    March 23, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    🙂 Thank you for sharing what you read.


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