This blog was originally focused on human interface solutions and usability standards for CGT512, then for the Purdue University TECH621 class: Social Internet.

Then I realized I have a stronger passion for gaming. So in the effort to put this to use, I’m going to blog…about gaming. 🙂
I’ve always criticized before how I thought blogs were….well, silly.

My professor(s) would always push the fact that ‘it’s how you get ideas out there and circulating, it’s how you start the networking train!’…and I always responded with an ever enthusiastic ‘meh.’ I probably then went home and went to sleep, or proceeded to call JT and ask him if he wanted to go get dinner. Ok, so I didn’t take it seriously.

However, I think a better thing to say would have been ‘Vanessa, it’s where YOU muse, it’s where YOU ask questions, it’s where YOU get the start.’ While I don’t think this will give me some huge boost in my career path, I think it will help bring light to a topic that too many people are just bloody retarded on.

That topic-is video games. It’s my passion, my first love-and abusing her is not cool.

I’m getting really tired of being a part of a community whose claim to fame is slowly becoming ‘that group that complains about everything.’ From Yahtzee, to game review sites, to generally angsty gamers, this is really getting out of hand. What ails me the most-is the fact that no one wants to self-reflect (that is, who is really at fault here), and everyone is so busy being hyper critical that we’ve forgotten, as a community, what it meant to be a gamer.

Being a gamer is supposed to be fun.

I find myself, barraged by many a gamer who, honestly, aren’t having fun anymore. And you know what? It’s just as much our fault as it is developers. So, this is what I’m going to do.

I’m going to write. And it’s going to be about thought provoking, important topics in gaming, similar to what is seen on Extra Credits and MovieBob of the Escapist. It’s time we got our head out of our asses. I’m also going to review games, give opinions, and even a score. And you know what? Similar to my grading at the collegiate level, do not think or assume your favorite game is immune.

I will flunk you.

“What nerve this girl has, getting on the internet and deciding that her opinion is high and mighty!” I don’t think it’s high and mighty, but I think we need more gamers with two brain cells to rub together to speak up. And we need to get the developer’s attention. More importantly-we need to get each others’ attention. You might get mad. You might denounce me because I’ll intricately break down to you why the Madden franchise is one of the worst franchises in existence. You might get offended when I explain how my K/D is better than yours, and the game is still trash. You might disagree with me when I make claims such as ‘in actuality, Game X isn’t too bad’, or ‘Game Y probably shouldn’t have got a 7…more appropriate is about a 3.” And there’s a select few of you…you might learn something and pass it on.

So, let’s get the flame war started, shall we?



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